Григорий Мальков (ironsea) wrote,
Григорий Мальков

Неба никакого нет

и цитат тоже

Jodie Foster by Herb Ritts

Daniel Bauer

Jil Sander

by Ines Rehberger

Herbert List, Friends of Herbert List. Guess who?, Hamburg, 1932

by Kurt Boomer

Vincent Рeters

Crazy with the heat July 1937 Photo: Toni Frissell

Laetitia Casta by Herb Ritts

Janne Rugland

Saskia de Brauw and Kati Nescher by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia, March 2014

Anna Volkova

Emma Stern

magdalena frackowiak by emma tempest for mixt(e) fall/winter 14/15
Tags: музыка, фото

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