Григорий Мальков (ironsea) wrote,
Григорий Мальков

Ветер в волосах

photographed by Don Mupasi

Laetitia Casta

Kristine Froseth

New York fashion photographer Joseph Paradiso Yuki

Francine Bergé in Judex (1963)

Heather Thomas

Nextdoormodel Magazine

Arizona Muse by Sean & Seng for Vogue Turkey February 2014

@Madeleinexclaire photographed by #maximilianrivera #studio #beauty (at Sunset Park, Brooklyn)

Stefania Sandrelli

Rachel Yampolsky
Shot by Adam Mont

In The Swing
Publication: Telegraph Magazine February 2017
Model: Hana Jirickova
Photographer: Benny Horne
Fashion Editor: Maya Zepinic
Hair: Mark Hampton
Make Up: Benjamin Puckey

Bella Hadid


Xenia by Stefano Fabbri

Sanne Vloet by www.paradisoportfolio.com

Bianca Hemmingsen Guest by Kingsley

Title: We Will All Burn
Magazine: Sect Et Sept
Model: Kirsi Kujala
Photographer: Federico Cabrera
Stylist: Jasmin Mishima

Kristina Korolyova

Jean Moral
Sans titre (Femme en bas noirs), 1938
Lingerie by Diana Slip

Jhon Swannell ph. - Nude behind Silk series -2004

Igor Vasiliadis ph.

Для тех, кто досмотрел вопрос: не отрастить ли мне усы?

Tags: видео, музыка, фото

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