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Григорий Мальков


Eugenia Diordiychuk by Sergey Enenko

Charlotte Le Bon

Jenya D Esquivo by Alesha - Eugenia Diordyichuk at MetArt

Sergey Enenko

Greta Tu

E Albrecht

Inez Van Lamsweerde

Alex Covo

Christina by Stephan Anderson-Story

Stephan Anderson-Story

Christoph Schaller

Rachel Cook
Shot by Adam Mont

Jean Shrimpton, here photographed by David Bailey in 1963.

Blanca Padilla
Redemption - Paris Fashion Week PAP AW18

Marisa Berenson

Death by love is fairer by far than death by illness", said Amenhotep III
— Naguib Mahfouz

Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

Photo by Jonė Reed

Valentino Haute Couture by Deborah Turberville, March 2012


Witold Chrominski

Ola Rudnicka By Richard Bush
For Numéro #152 April 2014

Tags: музыка, фото, цитата

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