Григорий Мальков (ironsea) wrote,
Григорий Мальков

В тайне от всех

Cross-Fit Fashion
Publication: T Magazine March 2017
Model: Natalie Westling
Photographer: Craig McDean
Fashion Editor: Marie-Amelie Sauvé
Hair: Eugene Souleiman
Make Up: Peter Philips

The World Can Wait
Publication: Holiday Magazine Spring/Summer 2017
Model: Cameron Russell
Photographer: Lachlan Bailey
Fashion Editor: Clare Richardson
Hair: James Pecis
Make Up: Hannah Murray

Katerina - joshwool

You kiss me, I’m falling

Jock Sturges, Marine et Maia, Montalivet, France, 1991

Catharina Berman Olsen

Tags: музыка, слово, фото

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