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Sasha Waltz, Dido & Aeneas (2005)

You, apple,
are the object
of my praise.
I want to fill
my mouth
with your name.
I want to eat you whole.
— Pablo Neruda, Ode to the Apple

phylactery ontheroad

I’m not tragic these days, I don’t weep, but I feel alone, bewildered, far from you, far from everything — nothing has any meaning.
— Simone de Beauvoir, from Letters To Sartre

Mona Kuhn

Marianne Breslauer’s Self-Portrait, Berlin, 1931

Manol Valtchanov

Natalia Vodianova / Stella McCartney Fall 2011
by Mert and Marcus

Snejana Onopka / Vogue Paris Sept 2006 “Amazone” by Craig McDean

I close my heart, not because I am afraid of what you will find.
I close my heart because I am afraid you will not find anything—
anything that will make you wish to stay.
— Daren Colbert, Sealed

Lise Aanes

Every moon is brutal, every sun bitter.
— Arthur Rimbaud


Atelophobia is defined as the fear of imperfection. Accompanied with the fear of imperfection also comes thoughts of comparison with others’ goals, accomplishments and expectations. Ultimately, it is the fear of “not being good enough.” Although sentiments of atelophobia are extremely natural, one should seek help, if these feelings plague their mind.

etymology: Greek, ατελής atelès, meaning “imperfect” or “incomplete” and φόβος, phóbos, “fear”.

I loved being in my own head so much, it was getting harder and harder being with other people.
— Marian Keyes, Anybody Out There?

Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Florette, 1943

Cristina Valla

By Asher Moss

Emiel van Moerkerken, Shower, 1957.

Robert Mapplethorpe, “In a Circle”

A gaze that made her different - Anti Muse photo series
Earthly Perceptions - Luciana Maciel




George Hurrell :: Joan Crawford, 1933

Photo by Lumi Tuomi

Philosophy Magazine Niki Hajdu

And yet I love this quiet clouded day. I love this settled stillness, and this feeling that, at any moment, down may come the rain. Should you say wasted? No, not really. Something is gathered. This quiet time brings one nearer.
— Katherine Mansfield

Marc Lagrange, Infinite Possibilites, 2015

Edward Steichen, Landonrives, 1903.

Here I am back and still smouldering with passion, like wine smoking. Not a passion any longer for flesh, but a complete hunger for you, a devouring hunger.
— Henry Miller, A Literate Passion: Letters of Anais Nin & Henry Miller

- Rigmor

if only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes!
— Replicant Roy Batty (portrayed by Rutger Hauer) in the Ridley Scott film Blade Runner. (1982)

Romy Schneider, 1970

Mario Sorrenti

Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Even a soul submerged in sleep
is hard at work and helps
make something of the world.
— Heraclitus, Fragments

Untitled by Eden Lai

I was a romantic and sentimental creature, with a tendency towards solitude.
— Isabel Allende, The House of the Spirits

How light the raindrop’s contents are.
How gently the world touches me.
— Wislawa Szymborska, from View with a Grain of Sand: Selected Poems

Untitled by Eden Lai

A thing which is present can be invisible, hidden by what it shows.
— Rene Magritte

Space, and space again, is the infinite deity which surrounds us and in which we are ourselves contained.
— Max Beckmann

There are strange and wondrous things in these lands of darkness … I must intoxicate myself on magic perfumes in order to fathom the secrets that lie hidden in the abysses of the Unconscious.
— Carl Gustav Jung, from a letter to Sigmund Freud

Guinevere Van Seenus by Paolo Roversi

And my heart, where have I wasted it?
— Frédéric Chopin

One person of integrity can make a difference, a difference of life and death.
— Elie Wiesel

Sometimes the night wakes up in the
middle of me
and I can do nothing
become the moon.
— Nayirrah Waheed

Portrait of Rachel photographed by Karl Rothenberger

Joan Smalls in Harper’s Bazaar Germany November 2016 by Marcus Ohlsson

Kera Lester

Natalia Vodianova by Jean Baptiste Mondino

Laura Prim by Rubén Suárez

Editorial for Female Magazine Singapore September 2016 issue .
Photographer: Gary Chew

Yesenia Linares by Exhumist

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